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Cheese fondue

In Switzerland, if you mention "La fondue" you only refer to traditional cheese fondue as described here. All other fondues have a composite name: Fribourger fondue, Fondue with tomatoes, Fondue with mushrooms, Valdostan cheese fondue, etc. The cheese fondue described here is the most traditional of cheese fondues. I realize there are other recipes for fondue, and this is fine, however, allow me to say that dipping pears in camembert melted in apple juice is not fondue, it is disgusting and a waste of 3 good ingredients (recipes on the web, that I don't want to link).

The setting

The ingredients

The utensils
PotLampForksWooden spoon

The recipe
Short versionDetailed version

With the fondue
AppetizersCoup du milieuDessertsBeverages
With the fondue
AppetizersCoup du milieuDessertsBeverages

Eating the fondue

Other cheese fondues
Fribourg fondue
Valais fondue with tomatoes
Mushroom fondue
Valdostan Fondue

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