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The bread
Bread is found all over the world, but each region has it own kind of bread. Of course, for cheese fondue, one needs bread as it should be done in "Suisse Romande" (the french speaking part of Switzerland) I am saying should, since our bakers no longer make good bread. It is not entirely their fault, once more, as for our cheeses, the government has left its mark, by standarizing a "federal" flour.

Bread with a nice crust

Baguette with a nice crust

Do make an effort to identify a proper kind of bread. The bread should not be too white. Choose a "mi-blanc" bread (half white). It must have a robust and crispy crust (when it is fresh), and a souple and structured inside (relatively large holes). This is usually the case for breads made with real baker's yeast. Avoid breads that are too tight, there should be a good ratio between the crust and the inside (the crumb). Finally, purchase the bread preferably the day before, too fresh bread does not go well with fondue.

In any case, avoid toast bread, too white breads, and in general breads that are too soft.
  • Bread with a nice crust
    BreadBread with a nice crustBread
  • Baguette with a nice crust
    BaguetteBaguette with a nice crustBaguette