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Evaluation of ready made fondues

Excellent Good Edible Bad Revolting

Cheese fondues
Fondue Gourmet
Purchased at Sam's Club USA
FromalpLooks creamy, maybe too much so. No taste, bland, just gooo. Finished in the trash after 3 bites!
Fondue Gourmet
Purchased at Sprouts USA
AlpenhausLooks creamy, maybe too much so, just as the one above coming in a very similar package. But adequate taste of cheese. We finished it.
Purchased at Trader Joe USA
Trader JoeAverage look. Little taste. Starchy texture. Just avoided finishing in the trash.
La Fondue
Purchased at Trader Joe USA
Trader JacquesRevolting. The only vague taste it has is just bad. One bite, a second in disbelief and to the trash.
Fondue from Switzerland Original
Purchased at Fresh and Easy USA
EmmiCreamy, good taste of good cheese, just shy of excellent.
Fondue traditionnelle
Purchased at Coop Switzerland
CoopTexture overly creamy. Average and indefinable cheese taste. Not really good, but acceptable. We are not looking forward to the second pack.
Swiss Knight l'Original
Purchased at Whole foods & AJ's USA
EmmiAverage look, little taste, not very good, we only ate half of it, disappointed.
Président La Fondue
Purchased at AJ's USA
PrésidentToo much emmental. Because it is not served on a burner, it gets chewy, as it cools down. We almost finished it.
Mifroma Switzerland Fondue Original
Purchased at Fry's foods USA
Mifroma Average look, taste of cheese, but bad cheese that probably could not be sold as cheese. We finished it cause we were hungry.
Swiss fondue - Fondue suisse
Purchased at President's Choice, Canada
Loblaws Texture overly creamy. Great taste of real and good cheese. It is likely not possible to do better. Excellent! Way to go Canada.

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