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The setting

The season
There is not really a season for fondue, however since it is a calorific dish, it is more pleasurable in fall or winter.

Nevertheless, for a cool evening in the summer or after a hike in the mountains, a fondue is more than prescribed.

Furthermore, in the cool ambience of a carnotzet (see previous page), a fondue is always indicated.

Snowy scenery
Fondue weather

Similarly, when time is short for cooking a full meal, or when the drive to cook is simply not here, fondue is a dish quick and easy to prepare, with character and that always pleases.

Still avoid fondue on really hot days, unless you want to perspire, and in this case, a sauna would probably be a better idea.

Along this train of thoughts, esteemed reader, do not use this sauna to mistake Switzerland for Sweden. Fondue is a Swiss dish (or from close by French regions) - in the center of Western Europe, whereas the sauna is Swedish - Sweden being located in the North of Europe.

Map of Europe showing Switzerland and Sweden
Switzerland and Sweden

  • Snowy scenery
    Fondue weatherSnowy sceneryFondue weather
  • Map of Europe showing Switzerland and Sweden
    Switzerland and SwedenMap of Europe showing Switzerland and SwedenSwitzerland and Sweden